Elevating Your Customer Collaboration With Digital Channel


The advent of digital channels has changed the way consumers communicate and search for product and service information. Digital channels have already become the preferred source for product and service information. Communications are no longer limited to the traditional voice channel, instead, consumers expect to engage with companies seamlessly across multiple channels like email, chat, video, mobile and social media.

In particular, there are 5 technologies that are increasingly being exploited by companies to enable the digital customer experience for easily accessible and highly rewarding multichannel interactions; which are:

  • Exhaustive Self-Serve
  • Intelligent Click2Chat/Email
  • Interactive Click2Call&Video
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Smart Mobile Apps

Ultimately, the transition to an interactive engagement center enables faster resolution of customer issues to reduce operational costs, increased engagement opportunities with customers to drive cross-sell and upsell and improved customer experience to drive loyalty and satisfaction, all of which ultimately drive profitability. It allows companies to communicate with customers on their own terms and better meet their changing needs and demands. With an ever-evolving menu of communications options and customer expectations only likely to grow, companies embracing digital will have a unique opportunity to gain a significant competitive advantage.

More Deeper

There are 5 main technologies that is important to draw out, that are being used to support the transition from traditional call center to interactive engagement center. They are either digitally assisted or digital self-service:

  1. Exhaustive Self-Serve
    Exhaustive Self-Serve can bring the digital customer experience of self service and improves satisfactionto get desired results faster and accurate.

    • Customer benefits
      • Ability to get desired results faster
      • Remove any ‘agent’ error
      • Improves satisfaction of being self service
    • Company benefits
      • Reduces number of calls to agent
      • Educates customer on which channel is best for what action/need
  2. Intelligent Click2Chat/Email
    Intelligent Click2Chat/Email is not an ordinary Chat/Email, its used for push and pull customerinteractions. Intelligent Click2Chat/Email uses information about the customer and the context to create a more personal and relevant experience.

    • Customer benefits
      • Provides a quick response
      • Chats tailored to the needs of the customer from the start
      • Reduces time to explain reason for chat if agent already knows what the customer is trying todo
    • Company benefits
      • Reduces number of calls to contact center for less complex issues
      • Increases number of queries handled per agent with the ability to deal with multiplechats
      • Increases conversion stats for customers completing an order/application/request
  3. Interactive Click2Call & Click2Video
    Interactive Click2Call&Video are increasingly moving from the personal experiences offered by Skypeand Facetime, to a customer service environment. Click2Call & Click2Video is used for service as well as sales and allows customers to talk with agents to get the face to face experience.

    • Customer benefits
      • Diffuses emotional calls through human face to face interaction
      • Personalises experience in a way that is ideal for more complex queries such ascomplaints
      • Queries are more likely to be resolved then and there
    • Company benefits
      • Provides an additional sense of accountability for agents
      • Improves first call resolution and avoids the cost of repeat contacts
      • Improves satisfaction when the customer is able to see the agent as a real person on theother side
  4. Social Media Interaction
    Social Media is now used as a channel for sales, marketing and customer service. For servicing, companieseither have built-in service tools within their social media site or have direct interactions with customers. It is also used for marketing, with direct response or offers to comments made on social media sites related to the company or any of its products or services.

    • Customer benefits
      • Instant response in an environment they are already using day to day e.g. twitter
      • Sent offers that are directly relevant to them
      • Take Services go to the environments where customers are already playing. Companies go towhere the customer is – not the other way round
    • Company benefits
      • Use for alerts/notifications to reduce calls to the VCC for simple queries
      • Manages brand reputation by proactively dealing with customer feedback
      • Responds to customer requests with targeted offers – e.g. Customer tweets “I’m looking for agood credit card”, credit card company respond with an instant offer
  5. Smart Mobile Apps
    Smart Mobile Apps is being used in a number of innovative ways in the contact center. Mobile appsencourage self-serve and can seamlessly allow customers to switch between voice and chat. Visual IVR enables customers to self-serve non-complex activities and mobile click2call, chat or video is being used for communicate with an agent on the move either using text, voice or video call.

    • Customer benefits
      • Visibility of all past interactions in one place, no matter which channel customers used
      • Ability to access self-service any time
      • On IVR, customers can use the waiting time to provide additional information for theagent
    • Company benefits
      • Increased engagement between company and customer through mobile app – opens valuable cross-selling opportunities
      • Reduces AHT by leveraging the ability to find out additional information about the callreason whilst the customer is waiting
      • Reduces number of calls to the contact center especially for less complex issues
      • Allows agents to chat by text, voice or video with customers regardless of what device theyare on