Enterprise Content Management

our enterprise content management solutions designed to helps company in organizing and storing an organization’s documents, and other content.


Document Capture
Capture document from hardcopy, emails, fax and convert it into digital information using our high performance scanning and OCR engine. Our solution provide automatic document classification, intelligent OCR and multiple output options (to document management, file system, database, etc)


Document Management
Manage your digital information efficiently using the Document Management solution. Our DM solution provide high security and scalability to handle virtually unlimited numbers of documents.


Physical Records Center
Having trouble to find and track physical documents ? Our PRC solution provide management features for your physical (paper) document. Some of the features includes: warehouse management, document registration service, document retrieval service and document retention.


Enterprise Portal & Search
Provide collaboration and information sharing in your organization, with features like document sharing, news, corporate calendar, wiki, blog, social networking, and enterprise searching


Customer Communication Management
Create personalized communication to your customer and send it via email or publish to the web automatically. Communication includes in generating personalized marketing campaign, billing statements, corporate announcement, etc. Delivery can be made via email, web, fax, sms, or even traditional mail


Business Process Management
Automate and monitor your business process efficiently. Our BPM will convert your traditional process to electronic, paperless solution to speed up your business, faster action and real time monitoring.