As a part of the Collaboration portfolio, telepresence delivers lifelike, face-to-face experiences that empower organizations to connect their teams, partners, and customers. These experiences eliminate distance barriers, creating diverse global video communities. Now people and organizations can communicate and collaborate in many ways, anytime, anywhere. TelePresence products span a complete endpoint portfolio, an innovative architecture, any-to-any interoperability, and services. All products work together to create solutions that take collaboration to a new level of simplicity, immersion, and effectiveness.
With telepresence, you can:

  • Improve productivity and responsiveness by focusing on
    collaborating more effectively with the right resource at
    the right time
  • Speed time to market, facilitating faster decision-making, and
    building greater customer loyalty
  • Enrich business continuity and increase flexibility
  • Promote environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Promote better work-life balance for employees by delivering
    tools that give them better control over their time

Unified Communications connects people, information, and teams, helping to enable comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences. With this solution, organizations of all sizes and types can manage voice, video, mobility, and presence services between IP endpoints, media-processing devices, voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, mobile devices, and multimedia applications. The other benefits from the implementation of Unified Communications solution, you can :

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the
    information and expertise they need.
  • Access and share video on the desktop, on the road, and
    on-demand, as easily as making a phone call
  • Facilitate better team interactions, dynamically bringing
    together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams
  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so
    mobile workers can be productive anywhere
  • Innovate across the value chain by integrating collaboration
    and communications into applications and business processes

A comprehensive, offering of social video, digital signage and business IPTV systems, the Digital Media Suite can help transform how your business and its people learn, grow, communicate, and collaborate. The Digital Media Suite includes:

Cisco Digital Signs
Enhance the customer experience, deliver companywide communications and training, and boost sales with this network-based digital signage system.

Cisco Show and Share
Share ideas and expertise, optimize global video collaboration, and personalize connections between customers, employees, and students with this social video system that supports the creation of secure video communities and user-generated content.

Cisco Cast
Deliver live and on-demand video and broadcast TV channels over IP to digital screens with this business IPTV system.