Our Core Value

Our Story

Along the way, we may stumble upon obstacles that will come between the paths we are destined to take. But our focus is still to serve you better. See our incredible transformation journey.


Our Journey Starts Here


Establishment as a PC distributor


Beginning of network and system integration business


Clients: 20


Beginning of data driven solution era


Clients: 140


  • Next Gen Technologies (AI, IoT)
  • Focus on Intellectual Property


Clients: 1000+


We are Here Now


  • FY22 Cisco Asean Partner of The Year
  • NICE Asean Partner of The Year 
  • IPO and listed Indonesia Stock Exchange in  November 2023

IBM - Outstanding Security Partner FY 2022

Mastersystem earns an award from IBM for its achievement in strengthening customer security solutions. The recognition of Mastersystem as the 'Outstanding Security Partner FY 2022' highlights Mastersystem's extraordinary dedication and proficiency in delivering comprehensive security solutions.


Alliance Partner

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Our ISO Certificate

ISO 9000

Mastersystem implement good Quality Management System which has strong customer focus, good leadership of top management, and continuous improvement.

ISO 2000-1

The quality of design, delivery, and the improvement of services, implemented by Mastersystem, is acknowledged through a standardized service delivery process.

ISO 27001

Mastersystem is committed to implementing an Information Security Management System to protect our customers' valuable customer information in our IT systems

ISO 37001

Mastersystem is committed to implementing an Anti-Bribery Management System and complying with these regulations


Meet Massy

Hi everyone, Massy is a chat-based Mastersystem Virtual Assistant to help you access Mastersystem products and services information. Say hi to Massy!

Organization Structure


Company Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of PT Mastersystem Infotama Tbk is as follows:


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