PT Mastersystem Infotama Tbk (MSTI),  as a company who is committed to innovation and sustainability, has implemented a series of activities to support environmental protection. One of the Company's primary focuses is to reduce negative impacts on the environment by adopting a paperless program and eliminating the use of plastic in day-to-day operations. Moreover, MSTI has designed innovative solutions such as Mastersystem Sustainability Optimization (MSSO), Hybrid Cloud, and Hybrid Work to support environmental sustainability.

Reducing Paper Usage

Reducing Plastic Usage

MSSO Application

Mastersystem has implemented a paperless program by reducing paper usage in its business processes. By transitioning to digital solutions, the Company can decrease paper consumption, conserve natural resources, and reduce paper waste. Additionally, digital technology enhances operational efficiency and enables effective team collaboration without relying on physical documents.

Mastersystem has initiated a plastic-free initiative by reducing plastic usage in various aspects of its operations. This includes minimizing the use of plastic bags, promoting the use of reusable water containers and avoiding unnecessary single-use plastic water bottles. MSTI also strives to partner with suppliers that support plastic-free principles, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

MSSO (Mastersystem Sustainability Optimization) is an application designed by Mastersystem for its customers to enhance the operational sustainability of service providers industry through continuous monitoring of power usage, heat production, ports, line cards, CPU usage, and network equipment memory. With this information, service providers can understand resource usage patterns and identify areas that can be optimized to improve energy efficiency. The application aims to consistently optimize these operations, creating sustainable efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Hybrid Work

Hybrid Cloud

Mastersystem has developed Hybrid Work solutions that facilitate flexible and digital-based work. Through this platform, employees can work from various locations, reducing travel, and supporting sustainable work models. This not only enhances work-life balance but also helps reduce carbon emissions associated with daily mobility.

Mastersystem has introduced Hybrid Cloud solutions that allow customers to integrate cloud and on-premise infrastructure. By efficiently using cloud resources, companies can optimize power usage and prevent energy wastage typically seen in traditional data centers. This solution not only aids in operational efficiency but also demonstrates MSTI commitment to supporting sustainable technology solutions.

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