As a company committed to innovation and social responsibility, PT Mastersystem Infotama Tbk (MSTI) views Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the cornerstone of its corporate values. In an effort to make a positive impact on society, the Company has designed a series of CSR activities focusing on improving education and the well-being of children and communities in need.

CSR in Education

Support for Orphans

Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Mastersystem, as a company concerned with CSR, actively engages in educational activities. One of the initiatives undertaken is organizing bootcamps for students from various campuses. These boot camps are designed to provide training in information technology skills, particularly in the field of IT engineering. Thus, MSTI contributes to enhancing the skills and knowledge of students to compete in an increasingly digital world.

In an effort to support the well-being of the community, Mastersystem provides aid to orphaned children. This activity reflects the Company's care and concern for those in need, and serves as a tangible expression of the high social values it upholds.

Mastersystem is actively involved in supporting charitable activities by sponsoring The Indonesian Pediatric Cancer Foundation (YKAI – Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia). This support aids the foundation in running programs aimed at assisting the ‘Cancer Warrior’ children in co-creating better life experiences and restoring their Healthy Smiles – through sustainable care and recovery protocols. Through this involvement, the Company demonstrates its commitment to helping the community, particularly those facing serious health challenges.

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