Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

1. Cloud Platform

Cloud is now a way of life for businesses. With the comprehensive cloud ready solutions, Mastersystem Infotama can help to modernize your organization infrastructure, migrate applications and data to the cloud, and build analytics solutions on data platforms in the cloud.

Private Cloud

Feel of the public cloud in a much more transparent and open way inside the comfort zone of your data center. When public cloud is too crowd for you, choose to build, manage and control the resources on your own.

Secure. Flexible. Reliable. Full control.

Hybrid Cloud

This is when you want the best of the two worlds, on-premise data centers for predictable workloads and adaptable cloud infrastructure for other fluctuating IT requirements. The goal is to combine services and technologies from different cloud models to create a unified, automated, and well-managed computing environment. This is the bridge of private cloud infrastructure with the always-on availability and dynamic scalability of the public cloud.

Agile. Flexible. Cost effective.

Public Cloud 

Public cloud offers speed with which you can deploy IT resources and the ability to pay only of the server resources you use. By spreading infrastructure costs across a number of users, each can take advantage of a low-cost, pay-as-you-go approach to provision. 

Scalable (pay as you go). Cost-effective. Reliable.

2. Enterprise Networking

An enterprise network is an enterprise's communications backbone that helps connect computers and related devices across departments and workgroup networks, facilitating insight and data accessibility. Architected by our technology experts, we can assure you to build a highly secure yet transparent, flexible, and integrated network infrastructure while achieving better efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

Automated at scale. Reliable. Predictable.

3. Server and Storage Modernization

Digital transformation requires critical applications to be delivered with exceptional performance, availability, and security. Simplified and accelerated applications, consolidated workloads and increased operational velocity to meet your business demands are the expectations that we will deliver to you allowing you to concentrate on core businesses. We provide on-premise and cloud server and data management solutions to support your future business growth.

Agile. Efficient. Cost-effective.

4. Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper converged infrastructure has emerged as a dominant hardware platform for hosting private clouds, virtual desktops and new application development environments. The use of server management software in hyper converged infrastructure can decrease downtime, allows users to pool and manage resources more efficiently, and simplify the operational process.

Scalable. Efficient. Integrated.

If you are ready to design and build an agile business and react quickly to the market changing demands while future-proof your IT environment, make Mastersystem Infotama part of your strategy. We are so ready to be your trusted advisor to help you design the right solution.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration is transforming the way we communicate and now becoming an essential business tool we have to provide in the organization. We are in a transformed operating environment with end users that have demanding expectations delivering effective results in the digital workplace. A clean, effective user experience has become a defining app feature in today's complex, fast evolving and highly heterogeneous work environment. Today's workplace has transformed and workers now expect to collaborate early, and often.

 Well-designed enterprise collaboration systems simplify the communication process, which has grown more complex for employees at many companies due to the expansion of remote and global work environments, the accelerated pace of business operations and the rapidly increasing amounts of data that workers have to contend with.

It is important for your organization to be able to adapt and evolve as things change. Keep a pulse on what’s going on in the industry and inside of your organization. This will allow you to innovate and anticipate.

Boost productivity. Socially-connected. Professionally-collaborated. Anytime - anywhere.

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Big Data & Analytics

What you need is big-data and analytics solution that can adapt quickly to today’s fast-paced world. The ability to prepare and correctly use your data is vital for success, and a common concern is determining the right strategy for your big data and analytics services. Data and analytics are solving today’s business problems and delivering tomorrow’s business insights. Data for data’s sake isn’t a good investment. Data must drive actions that generate conversions and revenue. Optimize and strategize your future, turn your data into actionable insight.

Optimize resources. Anticipate business opportunities. Better Data, Better Decisions.

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Digital Business Management

1. Business Process Automation

Business process automation is not only automate business processes, but simplify and improve business workflows to achieve greater efficiency, adapting to changing business needs, reducing human error and clarifying job roles and responsibilities. Applying automation to your business will help you identify which tasks are taking the longest, or at what point a task tends to get stuck most frequently. The consistency of automated processes ensures you to rely on your business processes to operate and grant the same reliable processes to your customers.

2. Digital Marketing

Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations. Digital marketing analytics allows you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing and how well they're achieving your business goals. With the combination of effective digital marketing tools and a strategic business partner, your organization can experience the efficient and seamless digital content management tailored to your business objectives and specific needs.

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Adaptive Security Architecture

Keeping business data and digital assets safe and secure is harder with more potential weak spots identified. Continuous monitoring and analytics is at the core of adaptive protection architecture. Security process should be continuous, and that pervasive monitoring and visibility should be constantly analyzed for indications of compromise. The evolution of the intelligent digital mesh and digital technology platforms and application architectures means that security has to become adaptive. Organizations should start incorporating systems that focus not only in the protective and preventive but also drive the predictive and response solutions.

  • Know what you have.
  • Know your security posture within your networks, software, policies, procedures, control system and employee behaviors. 
  • Know when it changes.
  • Know what’s coming.

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Mastersystem Infotama technology team comprises of more than 190 certified professionals, supporting the management in consistently delivering high quality service to our customers. Certified with ISO 20000, we ensure our IT Service Management processes are aligned with the needs of business and in line with the international best practice. We demonstrate our capability in the design, transition, delivery and improvement of our services. In order to achieve consistent results and continually improve our operational processes, we standardize our quality assurance and management with ISO 9001:2008. We strive to provide the best service to your organization by producing, delivering services and providing support functions that meet your needs and expectations.

What we offer?

  • 24/7 monitoring and remediation

  • Installations and configurations

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Monitoring for performance and capacity

  • Data backup and recovery

  • Capacity planning

  • Patch management

  • Enterprise mobility

  • Hardware replacement support

  • Maintenance report and review


The Training Center is provided due to the high requirement of IT Services. The best way to become familiar with a program is with expert instructions and a lot of hands-on practice. The Training center provides students with extensive group and individual lessons during the training days.

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