General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)

The GMS is a forum where shareholders have the right to obtain information related to the Company's operations and participate in decision-making meetings in accordance with their voting rights as regulated by laws and the company's articles of association. The GMS consists of the Annual GMS and the Extraordinary GMS. The Annual GMS is held at least once a year, while other GMS (Extraordinary) can be convened at any time based on the needs for the Company's interests, as stipulated by the law. During 2023, the Company has conducted the Annual GMS on June 26, 2023.


*PT Mastersystem Infotama Tbk (MSTI) listed its shares publicly on November 8, 2023. Before IPO, MSTI does not have any previous GMS. The upcoming GMS is currently being processed and will be released in accordance with OJK regulations.

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