Stock Information

  • Stock Listing Chronology
  • The developments of the Company’s shares since the initial public offering at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) held on November 8, 2023, is shown below.

  • Employee Stock Allocation (ESA)
  • In conjunction with the Initial Public Offering (IPO), the Company conducted an Employee Stock Allocation Program ("ESA Program") by allocating 6,357,600 (six million three hundred fifty-seven thousand six hundred) common shares of, or equivalent to 1.35% (one point three five percent) of the total shares offered in the IPO of shares. This program has been completed on November 08, 2023, and employees who are part of this program will only be able to sell the shares after one year from the IPO.


  • Management Employee Stock Option Program (MESOP)
  • The Company also initiated a Management Employee Stock Option Program (MESOP) by issuing up to 80,040,000 (eighty million forty thousand) common shares of, or up to 3% (three percent) of the issued and paid-up capital as stated in the amended articles of association that has been notified and accepted by the competent minister at the time of the announcement of the General Meeting of Shareholders, at an exercise price to be determined later in accordance with the provisions outlined.

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