The Future of Cybersecurity with CloudGuard

Always Pay Attention to Your Cloud Security!

With 45% of security breaches originating from the cloud, cloud security has become a top priority. Consolidating your cloud security strategy can help you reduce risk.

From code to cloud, the Check Point CloudGuard solution, in collaboration with Mastersystem, enables you to prevent threats and prioritize risks across your entire cloud environment. By leveraging the power of the Check Point Infinity platform, organizations can block attacks and significantly reduce their risk profile using the best AI-powered technology.

Why should you learn more about this solution?

  1. Cloud Native Application Protection Platform Focused on Prevention: Protect your multi-cloud environment from known and unknown risks with proactive measures.
  2. Unmatched AI-Based Web Application Firewall: Preemptive prevention for Zero Day Attacks with cutting-edge AI technology.
  3. Unmatched Network Security Capabilities: Advanced AI threat prevention, enhanced visibility, and intelligence across your cloud environment.

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