Cisco’s 1st DevNet Specialized Partner in Indonesia and ASEAN


Mastersystem Infotama has successfully achieved DevNet Specialization. We focused on software development practice, with an emphasis on automation and programmability on top of Cisco

platforms. And those are exactly the capabilities you are looking for today.

Quoted from the conversation between Susi Wee (SVP/GM, Cisco DevNet and CX Ecosystem Success) and CRN:
“Businesses have to figure out how to get people to work from home, they have to figure out how to treat their customers entirely new ways, so they need the infrastructure that can response rapidly to the demand and to be able to meet their customers’ needs.”

To answers that needs and ensure your business continuity, Mastersystem is here and committed to solving your business problems with our expertise in technology and programmability practice. Mastersystem has both Customer Experience Specialization and a DevNet Specialization. These are best positioned to help you unlock the value of lifecycle services and software automation.

CRN Interview with Susie Wee - DevNet Specialization

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