Mastersystem Infotama Achieves "2nd Runner-Up" in NetApp OneVoice Partner GCASK Competition 2024

Mastersystem Infotama achieved success at both national and international levels, showcasing their dedication to top-notch technology solutions and expertise in data storage

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Marcomm MSI

After winning the NetApp OneVoice Partner Competition 2024 at the Indonesia level, Mastersystem Infotama (Mastersystem) once again achieved success by becoming the 2nd runner-up at the GCASK (Greater China, ASEAN & Korea) level. This accomplishment reflects the dedication of the Mastersystem team in providing the best technology solutions and deep understanding of data storage technology.

In this competition, Mastersystem focused more on NetApp as "The Intelligent Data Infrastructure Company." Mastersystem highlighted the technological excellence of NetApp, which not only provides data storage solutions but also brings intelligence to data management. With features such as data analytics, automation, and strong data protection, NetApp offers an innovative approach to data management that is crucial for customer businesses.

This 2nd runner-up position reaffirms Mastersystem's expertise and experience in delivering NetApp solutions and strengthens its reputation at both national and international levels. Mastersystem Infotama remains committed to continuous innovation and providing the best services to customers in Indonesia.

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