Mastersystem in IDC Enterprise Cloud Conference - May 2017


May 16, 2017 - JAKARTA. Delivering Enterprise DX: Multicloud Infrastructure for the Digital Era. IDC has predicted that by 2018 more than 60% of enterprise IT organizations will have committed to multi-cloud architectures, driving up the rate and pace of change in IT organizations. Digital transformation in business is the driver for multi-cloud and is raising user expectations of IT. It is now expected to offer services and capabilities that span business functions and roles, and demand a variability in IT resources which is very different to that of legacy, dedicated IT. 

Mastersystem Infotama and NetApp are partnering in this event to deliver the definitive storage storage solution for the next generation data center. Fully automated, NetApp Solidfire provides multiple business advantages such as: guaranteed workload performance, automated your entire storage infrastructure, scale-out without limitations and Eliminate storage refresh cycles and compatibility concerns as you expand your cluster. Together with NetApp, we can grow your business demands seamlessly, optimize your infrastructure, and consolidate your most critical information with confidence.

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