Mastersystem Successfully Support RDS in Migrating to AWS and Strengthening Dominance in the Asian Market

Collaborating with Mastersystem and AWS, RDS not only tackles the challenges of resource allocation but also crafts a success story with significant improvements in operational efficiency and business performance

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PT Reycom Document Solutions (RDS), as a company committed to being a leading provider of document solutions in Asia, understands the importance of technological advancements. In its long-term vision to enhance work efficiency and performance, RDS is determined to continuously improve service quality by leveraging existing technological developments.

One of the main challenges faced by RDS in project development is the inflexible resource allocation of servers and significant additional costs associated with acquiring physical servers. To address this challenge, RDS collaborated with Mastersystem to introduce cloud solutions, particularly AWS.

Mastersystem successfully assisted RDS in migrating to AWS. With Mastersystem's support, RDS managed to migrate its development server and DevOps environment to AWS. This resulted in several significant benefits, such as increased flexibility in resource allocation, elimination of cost depreciation, and reduction in additional working hours required by the DevOps and Infra teams for hardware maintenance. Additionally, the decision to switch to AWS also enabled RDS to leverage advanced features such as auto scaling, which significantly improved system performance and scalability.

Now, RDS has successfully implemented the latest technology to enhance operational efficiency and business performance. Moreover, with the support and guidance provided by Mastersystem, several strategic projects at RDS have also utilized AWS, following approval from customers.

Through strong collaboration and ongoing support from Mastersystem, RDS is confident in its ability to innovate and grow in facing future technological challenges. This collaboration is not just about migrating infrastructure to the cloud, but also about leveraging the latest technology to provide added value to customers and strengthen RDS's position as a leader in document solutions in Asia.

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