Migrating Marketplace Applications to the Cloud: Successful Collaboration between PT Tobang, Mastersystem, and AWS

Support from Mastersystem and AWS has helped Tobang overcome operational challenges

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Marcomm MSI

The adoption of cloud technology is increasingly widespread and now can serve as a primary driver in digital transformation, as well as enhance operational flexibility and efficiency. In line with this, PT. Tobang Teknologi Indonesia (Tobang) also leverages the advancements in cloud technology to modernize its website-based marketplace application and Android application specifically designed to meet the needs of building material suppliers. With the Tobang application, suppliers can easily sell and distribute their building products to consumers in need.

Mastersystem and AWS collaborate with Tobang to adopt AWS Workload technology, a solution that enables businesses to modernize technology development more easily, obtain measurable pricing estimates, and simple scalability.

Now, upgrading website-based and Android applications to the AWS cloud not only enhances user performance and visibility but also optimizes operational costs. Support from Mastersystem and AWS has helped Tobang overcome operational challenges.

"We realize the need to modernize website-based and Android applications to drive our future innovations. The solutions offered by Mastersystem and AWS have greatly aided our operations by delivering better results in terms of performance and cost. We also plan to migrate several servers to the AWS cloud," says Yonattan Sentosa, Assistant IT Manager at PT Tobang Teknologi Indonesia.

In the future, Mastersystem and AWS will continue to support Tobang in optimizing the use of cloud technology to improve operational efficiency and accelerate business growth through various other available cloud solutions. This will include the implementation of various cloud services tailored to Tobang's business needs, as well as the implementation of cloud infrastructure management and governance.


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