Supporting Stunting Reduction, Mastersystem Contributes to Maternal and Child Nutrition Improvement Program in Southwest Sumba

Mastersystem's efforts are not only business-focused, but also contribute significantly to society

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As a form of social responsibility, PT Mastersystem Infotama Tbk (Mastersystem) provided support in the form of donations worth Rp 100,000,000 for the Maternal and Child Nutrition Improvement program in North Kodi District, Southwest Sumba Regency. This program is organized by Caritas Indonesia (KARINA) Humanitarian Services of the Indonesian Bishops Conference which has been running since September 2023 and will continue until September 2026.

This program aims to improve the nutritional status of mothers and children in North Kodi District, especially in 7 villages including Hameli Ate, Magho Linyo, Kadu Eta, Kori, Homba Pare, Kalena Rongo and Limbu Kembe which still face challenges in terms of nutrition and health. The Director of PSE-Caritas Weetebula, P. Agus Waluyo Abubakar is very grateful for the donations from various parties, including Mastersystem. He hopes that this program can run smoothly and have a positive impact on the local community, especially for children in North Kodi in an effort to prevent stunting cases and build awareness about clean and healthy lifestyles.

"Thank you to Mastersystem, who has been paying attention and helping us. In this program, we offer parents whose children suffer from stunting (based on data from Bila Cenge Health Center and Kori Health Center), we offer whether they are willing to receive nutritious supplementary food assistance, (if they are willing) then they will be picked up at each house and delivered to the Dapur Gizi located at Mangganipi Catholic Church (where nutritious supplementary food and socialization of clean and healthy lifestyles) and then delivered back home", he said.

Mastersystem always strives to not only focus on business, but also to make a real contribution to society. Through this program, Mastersystem hopes that the donations made can help achieve the program's goals and make a sustainable positive impact.

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