The Right Path to a Successful Migration

Technology has reshaped the way we do business. Mastersystem Infotama offers decades of experience to deliver quality solutions and help your organization to stay on top of the market trends and strengthening your value propositions to keep growing. As an AWS partner in Indonesia, we are here to partner with you in your journey. Collaborate with Mastersystem Infotama to take your Windows workload to the next frontier by migrating and modernizing to AWS. Some key services that our team offers such as:

  • Optimization and Licensing Assessment to ensure cost efficiency in your investment
  • Migration readiness assessment framework to facilitate smooth transition
  • Modernizing and protyping should you want to experience born in the cloud technologies by AWS
  • Managed services supporting business continuity


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Contact us today to take advantage of migration and modernization offers from us and AWS. With our experience, your technology investment and big ideas are definitely in good hands.

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