We introduce our New Solutions; MSInsight and MSXperience !


We are proudly present our own Solutions, MSInsight & MSXperience !

MSInsight is integrating the capability to get the insight, do the remediation,secure and automate your Network. MSInsight also has capability to support IT Infrastructure system anytime, anywhere and anyplace. This solution can provide overall network health score, real-time alert, “first aid” action with executing command, integration with Cisco Webex teams. Our customers can have faster respond, proactive support, and real-time report.

The benefit that you can get while using MSInsight are : reduce risk, reduce cost, increase uptime, increase productivity, identify security breach faster, reduce time to resolution. And the solutions MSI can give you real time health score, real time events, remediation suggestion, automatic device configuration based on templete.

In the other hand, MSXperience will drive the experience through intelligent insight. Enhancing your Collaboration experience with analytics and Bots capabilities. Nowadays, Video Conference technology has been widely adopted across the Enterprise to allow meeting anytime and anywhere without boundary. This will help customers to reduce travel expenses and speed up decision making that can be achieved with a proper video conference infrastructures.

The problem that they are facing today is they don't have the visibility to know, how effective the solution for their business operation. This raise some quesitons like How much costs that have been reduced by using video conference? Why do they rarely use the video conference system? Etc.

MSXperience answers these problems by providing reporting and analytic of video conference usages. It gives customer the information about how good the adoption is and better capacity planning for future implementation. Beside those features, MSXperience also has webcast functionality, where users can see live video conference directly from web portal and the capability to search and play video conference recording easily through the web portal.

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