Indonesian ICT provider Mastersystem taps Cisco for sustainable offering

Has developed solutions that leverage Cisco’s technology and introduce them to its customers.

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Indonesia’s ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2060 or earlier, announced at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, has spurred local organisations to support efforts towards achieving that goal. 

One of these stakeholders is Cisco’s 2022 ASEAN Partner of the Year PT. Mastersystem Infotama, who is looking to contribute to the country’s sustainable roadmap.

Lintar Wardana, director of Mastersystem, shared with Channel Asia how the ICT provider has developed solutions that leverage Cisco’s technology and introduce them to its customers. 

He acknowledged that Indonesia is a significant carbon emitter globally but there has been a collective effort nationally and among companies to change that. 

“To achieve a sustainable future, Indonesia has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 41 per cent by 2030,” he stated. “Service providers started to pursue net-zero emissions and work towards sustainable operations.”

Within this context, the Mastersystem Sustainability Optimisation (MSSO) application was created to “improve the sustainability of service providers’ network operations”. 

According to Wardana, the application continuously monitors a network equipment’s power consumption, heat generation, port, line card, CPU & memory usage, while optimising it to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable resource usage.

The application utilises Cisco’s Crosswork Network Controller (CNC) to “improve, automate, analyse and give sustainability reports”. 

Mastersystem cited efforts to engage with its designated base of service provider customers and introduce MSSO with the aim of helping Indonesia reach its net-zero target.

“Currently, we see that more and more customers are aware of environmental sustainability, and they prefer to use green technology and sustainable resource usage,” Wardana observed. 

He found that customer appetite has been largely driven by the need for automation or tools that automatically optimises equipment. 

Previously, customers who did not have sustainability monitoring solutions had to rely on manual calculations. To that end, Mastersystem’s partnership with Cisco has been important in delivering customer value. 

“Cisco is helping to power an inclusive and sustainable future and have set a science-based target to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.”

“Mastersystem and Cisco have the same commitment to environmental sustainability. By having a partnership with Cisco, we can help customers to achieve their environmental goals,” he concluded.


posted by Shirin Robert (Channel Asia), 25 April, 2023 14:00

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