Mastersystem Infotama Wins Double Honors at Cisco Partner Summit 2023

Award recipients at Cisco Partner Summit are top-performing partners, innovating processes, seizing opportunities, and achieving significant business outcomes for clients.

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Marcomm MSI

At the Cisco Partner Summit 2023, Mastersystem Infotama was recognized as Cisco ASEAN Partner of the Year 2023 and  Cisco APJC Software Partner of the Year 2023 for its innovation, leadership, and best practices as a Cisco partner. Joko Gunawan and Lintar Wardana, as members of the Board of Directors, accepted the awards on behalf of Mastersystem Infotama in Miami, United States, on November 6, 2023.

Mastersystem Infotama's remarkable achievement in securing the title of Cisco ASEAN Partner of the Year for four consecutive years is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence in the ASEAN region. This recognition is not only a celebration of our outstanding performance but also highlights our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions and services to clients, thereby contributing significantly to Cisco's ecosystem.

The title of Cisco APJC Software Partner of the Year 2023 further solidifies Mastersystem Infotama's position as a leader in the Asia-Pacific, Japan, and China (APJC) region. This award acknowledges our exceptional expertise and proficiency in Cisco software solutions, providing unparalleled value to our clients.

Recipients of Cisco Partner Summit Awards are top-performing partners that have introduced innovative processes, seized new opportunities, and adopted sales approaches that achieve substantial business outcomes for customers.

Congratulations to the entire Mastersystem team!

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