PT Mastersystem Infotama Tbk (Mastersystem) Wins 1st Place in the NetApp OneVoice Partner SE Competition 2024 as Indonesia Champion

In a significant note, Mastersystem is the sole partner successful in implementing FlexPod in Indonesia.

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Mastersystem, as a leading technology company in Indonesia, once again achieves remarkable success by clinching the first-place title in the prestigious NetApp OneVoice Partner SE Competition 2024 first round (nationwide). The success of Mastersystem in this competition is the result of a combination of talented team dedication and strong commitment to sustainable innovation.

In this prestigious competition, Mastersystem presented an outstanding cyber resilience solution known as FlexPod. FlexPod is a converged system solution that combines Cisco and NetApp technologies, delivering a complete stack of servers, data storage, and switch connectivity. This solution boasts multi-functionality advantages, including:

  1. Hybrid Multi Cloud Solution: This solution allows customers to run workloads in two environments, namely on-premises and public cloud such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. FlexPod integrates integrated management from NetApp, such as BlueXP, and Cisco Intersight, both of which have the ability to control and automate hybrid cloud environments.
  2. Cyber Resilience Features: FlexPod comes with highly advanced data protection features, as well as a Ransomware Recovery Guarantee program not possessed by other data storage providers. This ensures customer data security even in the most extreme situations.

In a significant note, Mastersystem is the sole partner successful in implementing FlexPod in Indonesia. This demonstrates Mastersystem's excellence in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions in this sector. Winning in the first round of this competition also propels Mastersystem to the global level, strengthening achievements on the international stage.

One key factor in Mastersystem success is a holistic approach to delivering solutions. Mastersystem not only offers products and services but also deeply understands the challenges faced by customers. With this approach, Mastersystem is able to provide solutions that are not only technically effective but also relevant and impactful for customer business growth.

Mastersystem would like to express gratitude to NetApp and all customers for the support and trust bestowed. Through this achievement, Mastersystem hopes to continue fostering close cooperation with NetApp and all customers, leading to shared success in a brighter future.

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